Harrington Seed Destructor

The original Harvest Weed Seed Control attachment for Combine Harvesters.

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Harrington Seed Destructor - iHSD

De Bruin Engineering manufactures the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD). The Seed Destructor is a mechanical weed seed control which is fitted to the rear of a combine harvester and destroys weed seeds during harvest in a single pass.  It destroys up to 99% of targeted weeds, improving future weed control and harvest management.  The Harrington Seed Destructor is an Australian concept, Australian designed and Australian built and is available throughout Australia and internationally.

For more information visit our Harrington Seed Destructor website ihsd.com or click the link below.


Concept Development

Concepts are developed using a structured approach such as Failure Mode and Effects Analysis to identify technical and operational risks to develop a sound prototype design.

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Rapid prototype development, fitment and functional testing provide minimum time between iterative phases to create a robust design.


Design For Manufacturing

Designs are analysed and tweaked for optimal ease of manufacturing.



Qualified designs are transferred to Process Control Plans and routing plans to manufacture parts in optimised batch or one-piece workflow for maximum productivity.

HSD and iHSD products are designed and manufactured in Australia by de Bruin Engineering Pty Ltd. Core iHSD Mill Technology was developed by UniSA with funding and support from GRDC. Through GRDC, licencing fees and royalties on HSD and iHSD products are used to enhance research in Australian agricultural systems and fund programmes to benefit grain growers.


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